What if there were an easier way to create ebooks, lead magnets & social media graphics?

An easier way to create ebooks and lead magnets

Fact: if you're not a designer, writing, designing and creating your ebooks, social media graphics, opt-in freebies and newsletters can be a total pain in the arse.

Just the thought of DIY'ing it makes you want to chug half a bottle of tequila and curl up in the fetal position. And outsourcing it? Your business checkbook is running for the hills before you've even emailed your graphic designer.

Let's face it - when it comes to designing your digital content, you're going to pay - either with your time and energy, or your hard earned dollars (a lot of them).

But what if there were an easier (and more wallet-friendly) way???

What if…

- You DIDN'T have to spend DAYS staring at your monitor, endlessly tweaking your design, desperately trying to make it look "good"?

- Creating gorgeous, high converting ebooks, opt-ins and freebies didn't require fancy, complicated programs like Photoshop & InDesign?

- You had all of the tools and knowledge you needed to craft sharp, expert content and designs - right at your fingertips, using a free program?

- You didn't have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to hire a graphic designer - only to pay them again every time you need an update?

- You could have an expert graphic designer on speed dial to walk you through creating your content, without paying any extra fees or costs?

What if you could make a one time, low cost investment that had everything you needed to market your brand - and included lifetime free updates and direct support from a professional graphic designer?

Let’s face it - trying to create all of the digital assets you need to effectively market your brand online can be OVERWHELMING, and it can suck up your time like a Dyson sucks dirt. So that knot in the pit of your stomach is totally understandable.

(#thestruggleisreal, folks)

If designing your digital content takes forever and ever, the rest of your business is suffering - and so is your own creative soul.

Easy to use Canva templates for lead magnets

If you’ve ever…

- Spent, way, way too much time designing a Facebook page cover, just to upload it and realize it looks *terrible* on mobile (but hey, it’s perfect for desktop, right???)

- Wondered how in the hell you’re going to find the time to design the perfect graphics for each and every single one of the social networks you’re “supposed” to be on... and still find the time to actually run your damn business

- Spent hours creating something, just to hit publish and still wonder if you got the design just right

- Been totally overwhelmed by the massive template bundles offered by other designers and on stock sites

- Been totally underwhelmed by the standard templates offered in the Canva gallery

- Wondered “does this font make my ebook look fat?”

Then you’re gonna wanna pick up what I’m about to lay down.

You need: beautiful, expertly crafted ebook, lead magnet & social media templates that represent your brand and will convert followers into fans and fans into paying customers.

Which is why I am so excited to introduce you to my new collection of niche-specific template bundles and lead magnet kits.

Every bundle and kit is lovingly handcrafted in Canva with you in mind. Design tips, content advice and detailed instructions are included for every page, and every bundle is jam-packed with the templates you need to successfully market your brand - and nothing you don’t.

Champagne taste, beer budget.

I include bonuses and freebies with every single kit - and every purchase includes free updates for the life of the product + a direct line to yours truly for support and help. (Seriously, I mean a direct line - as in, my actual phone number that you can call or text for fast answers to important questions).

And here’s the coolest part - this summer, I am launching a full library of Canva tutorials and lessons. By purchasing a template today, you’ll receive beta access to this library for the life of the service*.

This means detailed walkthroughs, design tips and advice, in-depth tutorials and a behind-the-scenes look at how I create my own ebooks and lead magnets. This library is a separate, PAID service that you’ll get for free when you purchase a template now - that’s a $500+ value.

So what do you get when you purchase a Canva template bundle from M&K Design?

- An expertly crafted template bundle, jam packed with all of the layouts and designs you need to effectively market your business (and since you pick the bundle, you pay for exactly what you need - and nothing else).

- A boatload of bonuses and freebies to guide you through the process of creating your ebooks, webinars, courses and lead magnets.

- A direct line to yours truly for help with anything from accessing and customizing the templates to feedback on your final design. Hell, text me just to say hi!

- FREE beta access to my Canva course and resource library, opening this summer - a $500+ value.

*Why not lifetime support and access? Well, because I plan to retire someday, and you probably do too. Eventually I want to move to Oceanside and live on the beach - without my laptop in tow. Sand and electronics just don’t mix. Barring anything crazy (like me stepping off a curb and getting hit by a bus), I can promise you’ll have access to the library, your product and me for at least one year following your purchase. Knock on wood.