Canva Templates

Fact: if you're not a designer, writing, designing and creating your ebooks, social media graphics, opt-in freebies and newsletters can be a total pain in the arse. Just the thought of DIY'ing it makes you want to chug half a bottle of tequila and curl up in the fetal position. And outsourcing it? Your business checkbook is running for the hills before you've even emailed your graphic designer.

Let's face it - when it comes to designing your digital content, you're going to pay - one way or another.

But what if there were an easier way???

What if…
- You DIDN'T have to spend DAYS staring at your monitor, endlessly tweaking your design, desperately trying to make it look "good"?
- Creating gorgeous, high converting ebooks, opt-ins and freebies didn't require fancy, complicated programs like Photoshop & InDesign?
- You had all of the tools and knowledge you needed to craft sharp, expert content and designs - right at your fingertips, using a free program?
- You didn't have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to hire a graphic designer - only to pay them again every time you need an update?

What if you could make a one time, low cost investment that had nearly everything you needed to market your brand - and included lifetime free updates and direct support from a professional graphic designer?

My drag & drop Canva templates are the answer to all of your graphic design woes. Instead of spending days agonizing over every last design detail, or shelling out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to a graphic designer, you could be dragging and dropping your way to ebook or lead magnet perfection in the matter of a few minutes.

Just hit purchase on the template you love, click on the Canva link in the download PDF, and you're ready to drop in your own content and move on with life! No more design migraines, no more absurd bills and contracts - just happy dances and margaritas on the beach (or in the mountains, in my case)!