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January 23 2019 – Jennifer Booth

Free inspirational wallpapers & printables - The world needs you to show up | the M&K Design Studio

Note to self:
The world needs you to show up today. You are powerful, you are valuable and what you believe changes the world.

Like most people (certainly many women), I've struggled with feelings of insignificance throughout most of my life. I designed this "Note to self" card over the weekend to pin to my vision board, as a reminder that the world needs me and that my voice matters, and I'm sharing it with you for the same reasons. 

I hope you really take this message seriously, because change can only happen through action. You are powerful, your voice is valuable, and the world needs you to show up every day. This doesn't mean you need to be Mother Theresa or MLK Jr. - it just means showing up to your life, showing a certain level of kindness and respect to other people, and making an effort for positive change where you can.

You can snag the full freebie pack, including 3x versions of the phone wallpaper (in two screen resolutions) + a printable version (in US letter & 4x6" and A4 & A5 sizes) from Google Drive here, OR click here to check out just the phone wallpapers and download your favorite right to your phone.


Click here to snag your favorite phone wallpaper version & download right to your phone


How are you showing up for the world today? Sound off in the comments!

P.S. Don't forget to show up for's National Day of Activism on January 29th, 2019.


Free inspirational printable and phone wallpaper | The world needs you to show up today - M&K Design Studio

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