Blogger Freebie: This Week on the IG Instagram Planner & Tracker

May 15 2018 – Jennifer Booth

This Week on the IG Instagram Planner & Tracker

Planning, organizing and tracking the growth of your Instagram feed can feel a bit daunting - there's so much information to collect and review! Now you can do it all in one place, with our nifty "This Week on the IG" Instagram Planner & Tracker. With space for logging post date & time, as well as all of the info you need to actually create the post (like the topic / caption, post goals, collab info and any links or tags that should be included) AND plenty of columns for tracking different types of engagement after your post has gone live, this baby functions as both an editorial calendar AND your Instagram growth tracker. Hell, you might actually start looking forward to your social media planning sessions ;) It will also be a handy resource when courting potential sponsors - by having all of your engagement data on hand from past collabs, you can prove you're worth some extra Benjamins.

Download our "This Week on the IG" Instagram Planner & Tracker from Google Drive by clicking here.

If you're really interested in growing your sponsorships and building more valuable relationships with brands, consider taking things a step further and turning your data into a case study that you can provide to partners to validate your fees. Most brands and companies have a hard time understanding the value in social media and influencer partnerships - by showing them how you drive brand awareness with your well-engaged community, you immediately have an advantage over the competition.

Need some help putting your case study together? Have questions about what to include? No idea where to even start? Drop me an email! Whether you just need a hand making it look pretty, or you need in-depth assistance with taking your data and turning it into a coherent, cohesive analysis, I can help! Drop me an email at and let's chat further about how I can help.

This Week on the IG Instagram Planner & Tracker

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