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    Our templates & graphics will help you build your business, organize your time & grow your audience - all without the expense of hiring a graphic designer, or the headache of DIY.


    We're not the typical graphic design studio. Instead of expensive contracts, we'll help you take control of your own content and marketing.


    Kick perfection paralysis to the curb - snag our free guide to help you write your next ebook right now (plus, you’ll get access to our FREE resource vault, full of tools & assets to help you build your audience).


    Put down the tacky New Year’s resolutions - this year, you’re going to take the world by storm with intent & force. Let our templates, planners & printables save you time, effort & energy better spent kicking ass & celebrating your wins.

Okay, Jen, what's the secret to easy ebooks, webinars & lead magnets???

Step 1: Choose Your Template

Choose one of my easy to use, drag & drop Canva template bundles. These bundles have everything you need to create ebooks, courses, webinars, lead magnets, social media graphics and more, in a variety of aesthetics and content formats.

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Step 2: Fire up Canva

Click the link in your download PDF to load your spiffy new template into Canva, then check out the detailed design guide that comes with your bundle. Drop your content into the template, add your branding & contact info and bam - you've got a gorgeous lead magnet, ebook or course.

Step 3: Publish!

Publish and share your amazing ebook, course or lead magnet and sit back with a smile as you think about all the time and money you just saved (and made) - and still came out with a design that looks a million times better than anything you could have created on your own.

We’re Mom & Kumquat - and we’re not the typical graphic design studio.

My name is Jennifer, and I’ll be your business bestie from here on out. Unlike most graphic designers, I’m not asking you to sign expensive contracts. Instead, I help entrepreneurs take control of their marketing & business with templates, tools and education.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand your priorities, so my promise to you is to never waste your time or money. I believe that business owners should have final say over their content, which is why I create tools that put the power of your brand back in your hands.

As a single mom with a five year old business partner, I also understand how hard it can be to build a business - especially when you’re rebuilding your life from the ground up. I created M&K Design to help me pay for my daughter’s first Christmas on our own - and it’s grown into so much more than that. Let us help you do the same for your business.

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How can I help you grow your biz today?

Snag my free guide to writing ebooks

Kick perfection paralysis to the curb - use my free ebook guide to get started writing your next ebook right now. You'll also gain access to our free resource vault, where you'll find lots of other guides & resources to help you attract your ideal customers.

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You know you need to get that ebook / webinar / opt-in / insert-content-here done - but the thought of designing it has you hyperventilating (and the idea of hiring it out makes your wallet cry). Instead, save time, grief and $ with drag & drop templates and ready-made designs.

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Steal my content planning toolkit

'Fess up: are you skipping the planning phase of writing blog posts & content? You might be damaging your engagement & quality. Luckily, I've got an easy fix - click on over to learn how to plan & outline your content + snag my FREE planning toolkit.

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